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IV Therapy


Improved Wellness
Immune Support Activity
Immune Support
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Instant Result
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100% Absorption

IV Treatments



Intravenous vitamin infusions (serotherapy/ serum therapy) can also enhance wellness even in vegans and vegetarians since a vegan / solely plant-based diet might also cause the body to become deficient of essential nutrients that plants alone cannot provide.

Strengthen your immune system immediately and effectively with the “Immune System Boost” serum therapy.

For total well-being that covers the entire body and every single area, system and organ of it, try our most comprehensive “Activity All-Inclusive” serum.

Reverse time with the “Anti-Aging & Antioxidant” treatment with anti-aging and antioxidant effect.

Effective treatment for side effects of hangovers, stomach/food poisoning, flu, jet lag and general exhaustion symptoms.

We promise immediate enhancement of athletic performance and muscle recovery with “Athletic Boost” serum therapy.


Support Healthy Weight Loss


Fast Hangover Relief


Improved Athletic Performance


Help With Addiction Recovery


Improved Athletic Performance


Helps to Prevent Illness


Guaranteed vitamin absorption


Customized treatments


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IV Therapy


IV therapy is the delivery of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and use by the body to increase energy and boost the immune system.


What people say about us.

Andreas Mixailidis

When I started to deal with the championship, I had in my mind that any collaboration would only be with the best. In the case of my health, there was no second thought, my collaboration with acti-iv-ity was a one-way street.
I had learned about serotherapies through my travels abroad and from discussions with athletes. Serotherapy means stimulation, boosting, restoration, recovery of the body and above all health. This can only be achieved with professional doctors, qualified staff and the right materials.
The choices in my collaborations haven’t changed in years, that says a lot.

Best Greece PRO MMA Fighter - UFC PRO Fighter - MMA record 12-4 - 3 times BJJ European Champion

George Manikas

With the everyday life that someone like me has, when I heard act-IV-ity I couldn’t resist and started the process of getting informed about the serotherapies it offers. Contacting his doctor and now my personal doctor, trying a serum rich in vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and trace elements was the only way to go. The world’s greatest athletes, in order to have strength, energy, and immediate recovery, do act-IV-ity treatments.

Model - Entrepreneur

Mike Lowbar

The intravenous (IV) treatments provided by Act-iv-ity boostaroun and enhance the recovery of your body after intense and demanding trainings, as well as the difficult everyday life. After taking it, I saw that it helped increase my strength and endurance, as well as my overall performance in workouts. I recommend it to anyone interested in improving both their body and their physical and mental clarity.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Pani Agorastou

The program of an actor of a daily series are fast and sometimes outside the normal biological rhythm. There were many times when I returned home and while I wanted to spend time with my loved ones, the feeling of tiredness I felt did not allow me to do so. My diet didn’t include the healthiest meals, while there were not a few moments when I woke up with a strong feeling of lack of sleep. One evening in a conversation with friends, I heard about the intravenous infusion of vitamins. Being curious by nature, I decided to get in touch with the team’s biopathologist. After doing the first blood tests, to see the body’s deficiencies and combined with my daily life and the goal I set, the doctor of the Act-iv-ty team, gave me the first infusion of vitamins for stimulation and well-being. From the very next day, I started to feel a difference. Over time, I became a stable customer, continuing to do the corresponding serum treatments that my body needs, to cope with the daily rhythms. Above all, however, I became friends with the team, which has now become a guide in the strengthening, strengthening and health of my body.


Alexandros Milos

Doing high-level competitive sport, recovery is very important to be able to continue the demanding trainings, The recovery offered by the serum is amazing!!! It helps me rest faster, have more energy during the day, but also during training. It also shields and strengthens my body’s defenses, because after training the immunity weakens. I believe it is the key for any athlete – champion to reach the maximum of his abilities!!!

Muay Thai Pro Fighter

Giannis Dimitriadis

If lately you feel intense fatigue during the day, reduced appetite and your strength is leaving you, then you lack vitamins.
Probably this happens because of your diet from which you do not get the necessary vitamins that your body needs.
But even if you take a supplement, factors such as age, metabolism and the foods you eat reduce their absorption.
That’s where intravenous (IV) vitamin infusion comes in, making it a quick, effective and safe way to deliver nutrients.
And that’s because they bypass the stomach and go straight into the blood.
With just one IV treatment you strengthen your immune system, increase energy levels, while at the same time hydrating and restoring your body from the gym.
What do you think; Is it worth a try?

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Xristina Terzi

As a former athlete, I have always had a general knowledge of vitamins and nutritional supplements and their incomplete absorption rate when ingested. Having now reached an age where my body needs more help to deal with the auto-immunity that has visited me, as well as my inconsistency in proper nutrition, I talked to friends who are doctors and sports professionals about the proper use of vitamins and they explained to me in simple terms words, that intravenously you can get the maximum effect of a vitamin and the most basic immediately. Entering the pandemic situation, I began to panic about whether my immune system could cope with a serious infection. Looking for the solution that would boost me organically and psychologically I discovered the ACT-IV-ITY team, which in my opinion was the most complete in terms of its applications. After an appointment with them, they explained to me the protocols, which should be used for my case without risk and above all immediately. Since then I see an improvement in both my endurance and the quality of my skin. I have become a fan of IV vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

Niki David

I had heard about vitamin injections, which were a complementary treatment in America 2 years ago, but I had not found anything similar in Greece. I suffered from migraines and dehydration. Looking for an alternative solution in Greece as well, I found act-IV-ity, which worked on the same basis as vitamin and trace element infusions for quick hydration and relief with a short-term effect. At my first meeting they showed their professionalism by taking a history of me as well as prompting me to do some basic blood tests and explaining my body’s needs in simple terms. Everything after that was a matter of 30 to 60 minutes. From the next day I was in a much improved condition and over time, in addition to dealing with my problems, I also noticed a strengthening of my immunity. I had improvement in the usual cold symptoms and no fever.


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