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The program of an actor of a daily series are fast and sometimes outside the normal biological rhythm. There were many times when I returned home and while I wanted to spend time with my loved ones, the feeling of tiredness I felt did not allow me to do so. My diet didn’t include the healthiest meals, while there were not a few moments when I woke up with a strong feeling of lack of sleep. One evening in a conversation with friends, I heard about the intravenous infusion of vitamins. Being curious by nature, I decided to get in touch with the team’s biopathologist. After doing the first blood tests, to see the body’s deficiencies and combined with my daily life and the goal I set, the doctor of the Act-iv-ty team, gave me the first infusion of vitamins for stimulation and well-being. From the very next day, I started to feel a difference. Over time, I became a stable customer, continuing to do the corresponding serum treatments that my body needs, to cope with the daily rhythms. Above all, however, I became friends with the team, which has now become a guide in the strengthening, strengthening and health of my body.