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As a former athlete, I have always had a general knowledge of vitamins and nutritional supplements and their incomplete absorption rate when ingested. Having now reached an age where my body needs more help to deal with the auto-immunity that has visited me, as well as my inconsistency in proper nutrition, I talked to friends who are doctors and sports professionals about the proper use of vitamins and they explained to me in simple terms words, that intravenously you can get the maximum effect of a vitamin and the most basic immediately. Entering the pandemic situation, I began to panic about whether my immune system could cope with a serious infection. Looking for the solution that would boost me organically and psychologically I discovered the ACT-IV-ITY team, which in my opinion was the most complete in terms of its applications. After an appointment with them, they explained to me the protocols, which should be used for my case without risk and above all immediately. Since then I see an improvement in both my endurance and the quality of my skin. I have become a fan of IV vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.